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DAISEY Co., Ltd. was established by the company's founder and president, Tomosaburo SUZUKI, with several other technicians in April of 1975, during a depression after the oil shock crisis. Never relying on copying conventional technology, DAISEY has consistently adhered to originality and has followed the company policy of a “Technology Oriented Company” ever since it’s establishment.

The founding members of the company were experienced in the development of innovative packaging machines for the food industry from their work at their previous company (a group company of a big name electronics maker), and their various inventions had made numerous achievements in the food packaging industry.After quitting the previous company and deciding to establish a new one, Suzuki and the founding members made a decision to step away from the industry that they had been working in and to start afresh in an entirely different field in order to avoid competition with the colleagues and friends they had been working with. It was thus that DAISEY was started up completely from scratch and with absolutely no products or clients to begin with.

The first challenge undertaken by DAISEY was a high-speed automatic Weighing/packing machine for bean sprouts (photo above).At the time, most of the bean sprout production process had not yet been mechanized, and even the most difficult task of packaging was done by hand. Mechanization of bean sprout production was in great need.In order to answer to such a need, Suzuki and the founding members worked everyday until late night and even through the holidays, and succeeded in producing the world’s first fully automatic, innovative, high-speed measuring and packaging machine in just six months.

Since then, DAISEY has designed various devices for the mechanization of the bean sprout production factory. Today, most steps of bean sprout production have been automated, much like other major food products, and bean sprouts are produced day and night in sanitary and modern facilities.

Furthermore, because the globalization of bean sprouts, as a pioneer of factory grown vegetables, was expected for the future, DAISEY has also been involved in reaching out to the world, ever since it’s establishment.And as a result of our endeavors abroad, DAISEY now has a wide range of users, not only throughout Asia, but in the Western countries as well.

DAISEY has also been working on an original tape binding machine as well as a thermal printer (as both were necessary steps in the packaging process) since the early days of the company. Today, we have a patent for these devices, not only in Japan, but in a variety of Western countries as well, and the machines have received high appraisals on the market.

The friendly relationship between DAISEY and the founders’ previous company continued even after DAISEY had been established, and in 1988, a fully automatic Cut Vegetables slicer was developed upon their request. In 1993, DAISEY took after the tofu packaging business from them as well, and, incorporating our own ideas and technology into the machines, we have become a leading manufacturer in this field domestically, as well as a supplier for several users abroad.
The motto of a“Technology Oriented Company” developing a variety of new ideas and technology that answer to the needs of society, and the goal of sending these ideas out into the world has remained the basic concept behind DAISEY Co., Ltd. ever since its establishment.

The bean sprouts, tofu, and Cut Vegetables that we owe our long history to have their roots overseas. However, while these food products were originally developed in foreign countries, these products currently being produced and consumed within Japan may be some of the most advanced in the world. In a country with such a long history and a rich culture, and with the harsh battle for product existence in Japan (perhaps one of the fiercest in the world), producers have put in an enormous amount of work to answer consumer needs. Today, the sprouts, tofu and Cut Vegetables products of Japan have developed the taste, appearance, safety and reliability, health, and convenience that puts them as some of the topmost brand-names of the world. And although sprouts, tofu, and Cut Vegetables are very common items found all over the world, a distinctly Japanese taste has been incorporated into them in Japan, and we believe that the products have become a decidedly Japanese food in the same way that other products and artworks brought into Japan from overseas has found a way to become “distinctly Japanese.”

We at DAISEY wish to support the growth of these foods in Japan and provide added value to the products by developing and revolutionizing the technology necessary in the field of production. In terms of our work overseas, we wish to be able to send out to the world, the sprouts, tofu and Cut Vegetables that have become a delightful Japanese cuisine, as well as the machinery necessary to make these foods. And it is our greatest desire that, through the production of such food products, the health of people around the globe will improve.

For over thirty years, we have been working on developing, mechanizing, and streamlining the production line for the above mentioned daily foods (produced and delivered daily), and have had extensive maintenance experience, including that of 24 hour/ 365 day operating factories. And we would like to continue striving to become a meaningful machinery company that can respond to a variety of production needs.

The “bean sprout” familiar to us in Japan has been a pioneer of the factory-produced vegetable, and today, we believe it has become not only a delightful food product but a very safe product that can be produced in hygienic environments, without the use of chemicals, and at very stable production rates 365 days a year. The production process, from the seed disinfection before cultivation, the computer controlled growing system, and the final processes of washing and packaging has now been almost fully automated, and is able to produce high quality products at a stable rate.

Bean sprouts are a vegetable that is necessary for the health of people around the globe. It is a safe food product that can be produced in factories anywhere in the world, regardless of weather conditions. As an engineering group, we at DAISEY believe that, as we near the space age of the future, the possibilities that this vegetable possesses are infinite. And by spreading the full production system across the globe, we hope to pitch in to the improvement of people’s health around the world.

Tofu is another product that has recently been attracting attention in the Western world, and we believe this food, as a healthy soy bean product, will continue to grow as a global food product. Born in China, tofu has also evolved into a “distinctly Japanese” tofu in Japan, much like bean sprouts, and has achieved world-class levels.

In 2008, the first large scale factory dedicated to the production of Japanese-style tofu was created in the mother country of tofu, China, and our company was blessed with the opportunity to provide the most modern machinery for this purpose.

In such ways, our goal has been to strive to contribute to the “health of people around the globe.” And we will continue to spread the technology we have accumulated across the years, and will continue to actively pursue the needs of the production factory for a more sustainable, value-adding, new technology.

It is our most sincere wish, at the DAISEY Group, to continue to be a meaningful engineering group that will give their very best to offer the technology and services that our customers require.